Sunday school classes 

Fishers of Men, led by Cliff Fischer

meeting in the NE corner Conference Center.

Study: 2 Timothy

God's Vessels, led by Betty Bowers

meeting in the classroom west of the Conference Center.

Study: "Living Beautifully: Practical Proverbs for Women" By Dara Halydier

GracePoint, led by Frank Rhodes

meeting in Room C-26.

Study: Acts

Sonlight Seekers, led by Brian Spencer

meeting in the Worship Center.

Study: 1 & 2 Peter and Jude:  Lifeguide Series

Women's Study, led by Angela Spencer

meeting in the Administration Conference Room.

Study: Having A Mary Spirit

Grades 6-12, led by Stan Friesen

meeting in the Lighthouse

Study: Luke

Grace 101, led by Elvin Dillard

meeting in Room B-5 (Library)

Study: Grace Community Church & Covenant


Grace is a non-denominational,  church. We believe in the Bible, God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We believe salvation comes from Christ alone by grace alone.




310 E 8th St

Overbrook, KS 66524